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Christian Bale’s character in ‘The Prestige’
Magician now best known for debunking paranormal claims and pseudoscience.
Hugh Jackman’s character in ‘The Prestige’
Most commercially successful magician; shares name with a Dickens character
Comedy duo, Vegas headliners, and skeptics
Edward Norton’s character in ‘The Illusionist’
Famous escapologist and skeptic of the early 20th century
Former Vegas headliners known for their exotic animal act
Either of the father-son magicians that share this name, the elder famous as a USO performer in WWII
Star of the show ‘Mindfreak’
French conjurer active in the 1800s; ‘father of the modern style of conjuring’
French magician in the 1800s from the ‘first-family of magic’
Illusionist known for his endurance acts and street magic

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