Movies by the Compass (Cardinal Directions)

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Can you name the movie titles containing cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)?

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Lew Ayres tries to survive the front lines of World War I.1930
Nicolas Cage becomes entangled with a married woman and a hitman in Wyoming.1992
James Baskett tells stories about post-Civil War America.1946
Allakariallak struggles to survive in the Canadian arctic.1922
Lillian Gish silently struggles with a former beau and a snow storm.1920
Richard Widmark pickpockets a secret message and becomes the target of a Communist spy ring.1953
Henry Fonda battles it out as a hired gunslinger.1968
Will Smith fights an ex-Confederate scientist and his giant mechanical spider.1999
Om Puri is confounded by his children, who are more British than Pakistani.1999
Shawn Wayans comes of age in the hood.1996
Jack Nicholson helps a woman mine gold on her property after she saves him from hanging.1978
Natalie Wood tangles with a forbidden love while the Sharks and the Jets tangle with each other.1961
Jimmy Stuart helps a group of mice foil the cats’ plot to eat them.1991
James Dean vies with his brother for their father’s affection.1955
Karl Malden leads his family across the frontier to California.1962
Cary Grant attempts to escape and then foil the plots of a terrorist organization.1959
Trey Parker’s four boys attempt to prevent a war with Canada.1999
John Kerr sings about life in the Pacific during World War II.1958
Charlize Theron takes a stand against sexual harassment in a Minnesota mining town.2005
Dwayne Johnson attempts to save the world in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.2007
John Candy helps a group of misfit settlers head to the frontier.1994
Elijah Wood travels the globe to find a better set of parents.1994
John Wayne brings a prostitute to Alaska. Hilarity ensues.1960
Cheech Marin attempts to get back to the US after being erroneously deported to Mexico1987
Lee Marvin rides trains as a hobo and battles a sadistic railroad conductor. 1973
Viggo Mortensen gets involved with the Russian Mafia in London.2007

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