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Can you name the victims from the saw movies?

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TrapVictimMovie #
Barbed wire mazeI
Flamable substanceI
Reverse bear trap helmetI
Shot gun trip wireI
Forced to kidnap mother and daughterI
Bathroom (near door)I
Bathroom (in tub)I
Venus fly trapII
House peep gole gunII
House ovenII
House poisonII
House baseball batII
House razorboxII
House slit throatII
House (lives) boyII
House (lives) womanII
Sit and TalkII
Bound by chainsIII
Shotgun collarIII
Pig vatIII
TrapVictimMovie #
The rack (or as I like to call it 'twisty twisty')III
Value of lifeIII
Mausoleum (eyes sewn shut)IV
Mausoleum (mouth sewn shut)IV
Knife chairIV
Hair pulling chairIV
Gouging out eyesIV
Metal rods (lives)IV
Metal rods (dies)IV
Ice head smashIV
Doll explodingIV
Can't save everyoneIV
Pit and the PendulumV
Drowning CubeV
Shotgun at faceV
Survival of the fittest collarV
Survival of the fittest bombsV
Survival of the fittest tubV
Survival of the fittest wins (man)V
Survival of the fittest wins (woman)V
Closing wallsV

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