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FSB'Federal Security Service'
KGB'Commitee for State Security'
Tonton Macoutes (MSVN)nickname derives from a folk bogeyman
DOI-CODI 'Department of Information Operations - Center for Internal Defense Operations'
Mukhābarāt'Intelligence Agency'
UDBA'Department of State Security'
Okhrana'Department for Protecting the Public Security and Order '
PIDE'International and State Defense Police'
Kempeitai'Military Police'
NKVD'People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs'
ISI'Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence'
SB'Security Service'
BOSSBureau of State Security
Gestapo'Secret State Police'
Sigurimi'Directorate of State Security'
Stasi (MfS)'Ministry for State Security'
KDS'Committee of State Security'
CIO'Central Intelligence Organisation'
ÁVH 'State Protection Authority'
Third Section'Third Section of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellery'
OVRA'Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Anti-Fascism'
VEVAK'Ministry of Intelligence and National Security'
SecuritateDepartment of State Security
MGB'Ministry of State Security'
Cheka (ChK)'Extraordinary Commission'
StB'State Security'

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