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A shoe that reaches above the ankle
Thing with pages that you can read
Chess piece that looks like a castle
Area in a house separated by walls
Wander from place to place
Frothy bubbles on the surface of a liquid
Small animal that eats dirt
Thing for eating with tines
To bend
Fearless, brave
Gave to someone in exchange for money
Bottom of a shoe
The act of selling
Not different
Something you play
Opening in a wall or fence
Not on time
Body of water, bigger than a pond
To enjoy
Opposite of death
To pick up
Dust that comes from laundry
Part of a chain
Color made from red and white
Tree that has needles
Ok, good
Tool used for smoothing wood
To put things in so there's no more room
Not short
Transport yourself on foot slowly
Separator between rooms
Document used after a death
What a flower does if it isn't watered
To make something not level
To plow
Money you pay for crossing a bridge
Something used to perform a task
Past tense of take
To see
Stuff a robber steals
A shoe that reaches above the ankle

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