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HintN word
Prefix meaning 10^-9
One of the two poles on every magnet
Any number below 0 is considered to be this
Collection of computers and hardware through communication channels that allows for sharing of resources and data
An interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases
A metallic element with atomic number 28
Molecule that serves as a building block of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA)
Animal behavior characterized by activity during the night and sleep during the day
The most recognized and prestigious international award that can be earned in science, named after a Swedish chemist
The US agency responsible for space exploration
A game theory concept where two players of a non-cooperative game have nothing to gain by changing strategies
A subatomic particle with no net electrical charge
The center of an atom containing protons and neutrons
The first person to describe gravity; also a unit of force
A mathematical function often denoted ln
A bundle of axions that transmit electric signals in the human body
A subatomic particle with no charge and extraordinarily small mass
Cataclysmic explosion of a white dwarf star
Group of elements that have low chemical reactivity
A type of cloud that generally produces precipitation

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