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Can you name the How well do you know Derek Jeter??

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When Is His Birthday?
What Is His Sister's Name?
(YES or NO) Was He An All-Star MVP?
How Many World Series Has He Won?
What Main Category Does He Lead The Yanks In?
What Was His Debut Date?
How Tall Is Derek Jeter?
Where Was Derek Jeter Born?
How Old Is He?
Who Did Get His Jeter 3000th Off Of?
Questions Answers
How Many Seasons Has He Played
What Number Does He Wear
What Year Was He Drafted By The Yanks?
How Many Seasons Has DJ Hit .300?
(YES or NO) Did Jeter Ever Get 245 Hits?
(YES or NO) Has He Ever Had 100+ RBI's?
What's His Middlename?
Where Did He Go To High School?
What 2 Teammates Has He Played With Longest?
What Was The Most HR's He Hit In 1 Season?

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