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CharacterFill in the BlankQuote
JohnnyIn a few minutes, ___
JohnnyYou know what they say, love is ___
JohnnyYou are ___ me apart, Lisa!
JohnnyAnything for my ___, hehehe
ClaudetteIf you think I'm __ now wait 'til you see me tomorrow
MarkKeep your stupid ___ in your ___
Flower Shop EmployeeYou're my ___ customer
JohnnyYou always play ___ with us, Peter
ClaudetteI definitely have ___ cancer
MikeShe's showing everyone... me ___
DennyIt'll be here in ___ minutes!
DennyYou're not my ___ mother!
LisaThe ___ business is very competitive
LisaI just told him that to make it ___
CharacterFill in the BlankQuote
JohnnyYou invited all my friends, good ___
MarkCandles, music, that ___ dress
ClaudetteIt matters a ___ deal
JohnnyIt seems to me like you're the ___, Mark!
JohnnyI'm ___...I'm ___...I love you, ___
Johnny & LisaYou have nice ___... And you have nice ___
JohnnyYou must be kidding, ___ you
JohnnyYou must be kidding, ___, I got the picture
JohnnyIf we all had love in our hearts, the world would be a ___ ___ of love
JohnnyWhat ever happened to...___, that's her name?
JohnnyYou're very welcome, Denny, and ___ in mind if you ever have problems, talk to me and i will help you
Denny & ClaudetteIT DOESN'T ___... It ___ a great deal!

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