Name the Pixar Movie with the Pizza Planet Truck in it.

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Can you name the Name the Pixar Movie with the Pizza Planet Truck in it.?

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the Pizza Planet truck is briefly seen crossing the bridge over the Seine when Skinner is chasing Remy
Woody sees the truck at the gas station and tells Buzz it is a spaceship with hyper-active hyperdrive which they head on it to the restaurant itself
the truck appears in the scene where one insect warns another not to touch a motor home's bug zapper
the Pizza Planet truck is the vehicle that Lots-o-Huggin' Bear, Big Baby, and Chuckles rides on to get around Sunnyside Daycare
when a redneck mother is beating Randall with a shovel, the truck is on the far left side of the screen.
the Pizza Planet Truck is competing in London in front of Buckingham Palace
in this movie the Pizza Planet truck has eyes and a mouth
EVE scans the engine of a Pizza Planet truck for plant life shortly after her arrival on Earth, and shuts the hood afterwards
Hamm, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky and Rex use the truck to chase after Al to the airport
while Gill is explaining his plan to escape from the dentist office, a yellow Pizza Planet truck drives by
the Pizza Planet truck is seen on the street as Carl's house floats by

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