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Can you name the Aussie 1 Test wonders since WWII (Retired players only)?

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Test Match detailsNameA clue or two ...
1977-78 v India at AdelaideVic, nickname was 'Mad Dog'
1986-86 v New Zealand at WellingtonVic, Fast bowler, was a one day specialist
1970-71 v England at MCGQld, Vic. Test player no 252
1970-71 v England at SCGVic, Opening bat who replaced Bill Lawry
1994-95 v Pakistan at LahoreNSW, replaced injured Ian Healy
1962-63 v England at SCGVic, FM bowler, later moved to WA
1946-47 v England at AdelaideVic, famous brother captained Australia
1977-78 v India at GabbaVic, LH opening bat, died too early
1960-61 v West Indies at AdelaideWA, Fast bowler, Test player no 218
1947-48 v India at MCGQld, FM bowler, took 6 wickets in only test
1967-68 v India at SCGVic, LH bat, also toured UK in 1968
1995-96 v Sri Lanka at WACAQld, should've played 50 Tests ! Now in UK
1977 v England at The OvalWA, played WSC and nearly played VFL
Test Match detailsNameA clue or two ...
1945-46 v New Zealand at WellingtonVic, WA. Son and grandson also played for WA
1978-79 v India at WACAVic, LH bat, looked a little like Groucho Marx
1998-99 v England at MCGWA. fast bowler who later moved to NSW
1991-92 v India at WACAVic, Opening bat, replaced Geoff Marsh
1956 v India at MumbaiWA, Opening bat, Test player no 204
1964-65 v India at KolkotaSA, leg spinner, toured UK in 1964
1958-59 v England at SCGWA, Off spinner. Test player no 212
1951-52 v West Indies at SCGVic, opening bat. Test player no 192
1972-73 v Pakiatan at SCGNSW. Famous case of stage fright
1956-57 v India at MumbaiVic, SA. slow left arm. Test player no 205
1997-98 v India at KolkotaSA, WA. 'Blocker' is now an umpire
1973-74 v New Zealand at AdelaideSA, opening bat, under used by Australia
1997 v England at The OvalTas, played 10 seasons of shield

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