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Can you name the Narnia characters from C.S. Lewis's books?

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Animal/Human clueCharacter
Human: First boy to visit Narnia with his uncle
Human: girl who traveled to Narnia by jumping in a pool
Human: magician who invented rings
Human: fist King of Narnia
An evil witch or Queen that made Narnia always snow
Animal: Cabby's winged horse
Animal: The kind Lion in every story
Human: the youngest Pevensie (girl)
Human: King of Narnia who was tricked by # 5
Human: female archer; oldest Pevensie sister
High King of Narnia:______ the Magnificent
Animal: the Faun (animal with goat feet)
Animal: beavers that helped the Pevensies
Human: orphaned boy who rode to Narnia on a horse
Animal: the orphaned boy's horse
Animal/Human clueCharacter
Human: Calormene girl; Cor's wife
Human: Shasta's real father; king of Archenland
Human: Prince who has been in two of the Narnia movies
Human: cruel king of Narnia; uncle of the person before this
Animal: warrior mouse who rode on the Dawn Treader
Dwarf who met the Pevensie children
Human: cousin of Pevensies; turned into a dragon
Human: friend of the person before this who traveled to Narnia
The Marshwiggle from The Silver Chair
Human: the last King of Narnia
Animal: ape who tricked Narnia
Animal: donkey who was disguised as Aslan
Animal: unicorn from The Last Battle
The last beleiver Dwarf of Narnia
Animal: The EAGLE who brought news to King Tirian

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