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'Take your best shot, little girl.'
'Angel? P-please we can negotiate. We...'
'Be brave. Live. For me.'
'Too bad we'll never know if this is a face you could learn to love.'
'Uh… hi.'
'Connor, I still have you. Angel's ruined everything. But he can't defeat both of us. You still believe in me, don't you? You still love me?'
'Stupid girl. You’ll never stop me. You don’t have the ba—'
'Do those things ever work? I mean, really.'
'You are weak. You are nothing. You could not even defeat me.'
'He’s gonna kill us.'
'Oh Yes! God, yes.'
'I want to see how it ends.'
'You make sure to tell him that.'
'Oh... and you're welcome.'
'Oh, and when you get caught, you'll lose them too. Your friends. You don't want that. I know you're in pain, but-'
'Bunnies. Floppy, hoppy, bunnies.'
Last WordsCharacterEpisode
'I'm not afraid. Show me. Show me your world.'
'This is outrageous! Are you actually telling me that you went over my head?'
'Stop it!'
'Well, gosh.'
'Yes. To die - the way I was supposed to die in the first place.'
'You don't really think you're gonna win this, do you? You don't stand a chance. We are legion. We are forever.'
'Please, Wesley, why can't I stay?'
'You laugh when my Hell is on Earth?'
'Your shirt.'
'Well, I still care about them. That's why I'm here.'
'You're death?' 'No.' 'What then?'
'Is that an issue? Is my life in peril, boss? King?'
'I—I love you.'
'I want this moment to last.' 'Well I don't.'
'You kill me? A flunky?! I'm not just... Angel...kills me. You don't... Angel...'

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