How well do you know BBC Sherlock: A Study in Pink?

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Can you name the facts about BBC Sherlock??

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What university did both Sherlock and John attend?
How does Sherlock take his coffee?
Who introduces John to Sherlock?
How does Sherlock know that Donovan stayed overnight at Anderson's AT FIRST?
What does 'Rache' mean in German?
Where was the lady in Pink from (deduced by the rain on her coat)?
What does Sherlock keep in the microwave?
What restaurant does Sherlock bring John to?
What is the name of Mycroft's assistant?
To what drug was Sherlock previously addicted?
Where did John fight?
Who was the killer in A Study in Pink?
Who hired the killer in a Study in Pink
Who shot the killer in A Study in Pink?
What color were the shock blankets?

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