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Leader of the Life Support group
Performance Artist
Denizens of the streets
'Who the f@#! do you think you are?'
They're dreaming of a White Christmas
2nd woman to speak at Life Support
'Do you go to the Cat Scratch Club, that's where I work. I dance'
'I don't get these postcards!'
At the funeral
'Please no, not tonight!'
That cur barked herself to death (and also never appeared in person)
Follow him
1st woman to speak at Life Support
He calls his daughter 'kitten'
At the Life Cafe
She's of the Westport Greys (and never appears in person_
1st to speak at Life Support
'I teach computer-age philosophy'
'Got any C, man?'
The characters' friend-turned-enemy who bought the building
'I hope you like the hot plate!'
She gives discounts
3rd woman to speak at Life Support
Seasons of Love
Her confirmation hearings begin on the tenth
'...Chica, donde estas?'
Drag Queen
'Honest Living!'
Fear's his life

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