All Confirmed Assassinated American Politicians

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Year; Office HeldAssassinated PoliticianAssassin
1815; State Senator in South Carolina, former Continental CongressmanWilliam Linnen
1825; Attorney General and State Senator-elect in KentuckyJereboam O. Beauchamp
1847; Territorial Governor of New MexicoPueblo Indians and New Mexican rebels
1856; State Representative in MichiganThomas Bedford
1865; President of the United StatesJohn Wilkes Booth
1867; Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme CourtWilliam D. Rynerson
1868; Former Congressman from ArkansasUnknown
1868; Congressman from ArkansasGeorge A. Clark
1870; Former Delegate to the House of Representatives from Idaho TerritoryCharles H. Douglas
1881; President of the United StatesCharles J. Guiteau
1889; Congressman-elect from ArkansasUnknown
1891; Kansas Territorial Legislator and State SenatorJames Brennan
1893; Mayor of Chicago, IllinoisPatrick Eugene Prendergast
1900; Governor of KentuckyUnknown
1901; President of the United StatesLeon Czolgosz
1905; Former Governor of IdahoHarry Orchard
1933; Mayor of Chicago, IllinoisGiuseppe Zangara
Year; Office HeldAssassinated PoliticianAssassin
1935; Senator from LouisianaCarl Weiss
1954; Attorney General-elect in AlabamaUnknown
1963; President of the United StatesLee Harvey Oswald (assassinated by Jack Ruby before brought to trial)
1967; Founder of the American Nazi Party and fringe candidate for Governor of VirginiaJohn Patler
1968; Senator from New York and leading Presidential candidateSirhan Sirhan
1978; Mayor of San Francisco, CaliforniaDan White
1978; City Supervisor of San Francisco, CaliforniaDan White
1978; Congressman from CaliforniaMembers of the People's Temple
1980; Former Congressman from New YorkDennis Sweeney
1980; Former Mayor of Evansville, IndianaJulia van Orden
1986; Mayor of Mount Pleasant, IowaRalph Davis
1998; State Senator in TennesseeByron Looper
2000; Sherrif-elect of DeKalb County, GeorgiaPatrick Cuffy (on orders of incumbent Sheriff Sidney Dorsey)
2003; City Councilman in New York, New YorkOthniel Askew
2008; Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic PartyTim Johnson
2010; Mayor of Washington Park, IllinoisAaron Jackson (awaiting trial)

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