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Can you name the Justice League Unlimited members that appeared in the TV series?

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The dark knight
Man of steel
Amazonian warrior
Fastest man alive
The man from Mars
Former US Marine
Fierce warrior with wings
King of the sea
Smart and shrinks
Magical suit of armour
Big goddess
Powerful fists and screech
Blue wizard
Man from the future
Talks to animals
Absorbs nuclear energy
Little kid with a lot of power
Red soldier
Powerful sorcerer
Controls light
Pacifist brother
Super stretchy
Brazilian firecracker
Greatest archer in the DC universe
Aggressive brother
reincarnation of Egyptian prince
Violent martial artist
An apache chief
immortal god
Terrific martial artist
Son of darkseid
Conspiracy theorist
Robot from STAR labs
Knight with a flying horse
Powers from a cosmic converter
Suit of powered armour
Powerful relative
Quick drawing cowboy
Power of any animal
Powerful and angry boxer
Powerful magician
Princess of the sea
Generates electricity
Son of founding members

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