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Naturally I'm scared if I do it alone7/What You Waiting For
What more is it that I could be6/Your Diary
Boring a way through me1/This Fire
I watched you clean the filth off your phone dial 7/Well,That Was Easy
you see, I'll forget about living alone9/Love and Destroy
Your teeth are black with wine7/Evil and a Heathen
Goodbye girl2-5/Cheating on you
I only kissed her lips4/Tell Her Tonight
Since you left me I'm so alone. Now you're coming3/It Wont be Long
So sinister, So sinister5/Ulysses
Flick your cigarette then2/Kathrine Kiss Me
Cooling all the blood to slush3/40'
Drinking wine5/wine in the Afternoon
And you leave me here on my own7/Can't Stop Feeling
You see her4/Auf Achse
Drawing you to loneliness, lover5/Sorry Angle
If I could laugh I'd love you8/I'm Your Villain
Find me and follow me through2/The Dark of the Matinée
Words of love and words so leisured6/Darts of Pleasure
But for chips and for freedom3/Jacqueline
You cry, yes, you cry7/Get Away
Well it's a broken smile7/Bite Hard
Caretaker of the night5/Van Tango
I say don't you know5/Take me out

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