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quote missing wordwho said it
NOOOO!! JIMMY ______!!!Louis
Yes thats right _____, Zayn is a lovely guy.Louis
Vas ______?Zayn
_____ me you fool!Harry
I like girls who ___ ___!Louis
My worst habit is getting _____ all the time.Harry
POT___!!Niall (this is one word)
Were the ____ best friends in the... Niall
I'm a ____!!Louis
Zayn is ___.Louis
quote missing wordwho said it
Louis the ______.Harry
Our song this weak, we cant reveal its under this ___.Niall
SHES ____!Louis
Im quite handy with a _____.Harry
I can play the ____.Zayn
I would be a _______ _______.Liam
as for you stop having ______ ______!!!Louis
I have a strange fear of _____.Liam
I used to have an imaginary friend called _____.Niall
Energy _____!Zayn
quote missing wordwho said it
I would put loads of money on a jumping castle, and then jump on it, with ______ ______ on me! Liam
______ ______ stole my hairstyle.Liam
Im the one who's ___/_ serious, well actually 23.5/7 seriousLiam (in place of the '/' do a '-')
I broke a ____ in half Louis
____ but effectiveHarry
I've played the ____ since i was about 12Niall
Dont listen to him, he's talking sh*t, I'm the ____ _____Niall
I would bathe in _____ sugarLiam
Get out of my ____!harry

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