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Batmans sidekick 
Broke Batman 
Fear toxin 
Batmans Arch Nemesis 
Trying to find a cure for his wife Nora 
Former District Attorny 
Oswald Cobblepot 
Paralyzed by Joker 
Replaced Batman when back was broken 
Jokers sidekick 
Lives in the sewers of Gotham 
Batmans feline foe/friend 
Defends the streets of Bludhaven 
Doctor/figures out Batmans scret identity 
Uses hats to control peoples minds 
Mother Nature 
Can transform into anyone/former actor 
Undead Zombie 
Batmans friend/Member of the Justice League 
Killed Batman 
Immortal/Demon Head 
Daughter to previous answer 
Batmans son 
Batmans dog 
Batman of the future 
Nicknamed the Anti Batman 
Mob boss/wears a mask full time 
Killed Bruce Waynes Parents 
Keeps a tally of all the people he has killed 
Kirk Langstrom/Robert Langstrom 

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