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im gonna make you love me neol saranghandago
geudaega jogeum deo geujeo jogeum deo jigeum nae mameul arajundamyeon
i believe dream for you and me memareun naui harue
tell me i can go go go noegero dashi you you you
i'm yours neomani nareul seollege hae i'm outta control
i dont wanna say good bye (bye bye) say good bye
nan niga jeil joha niga jeil yeppeo
baby baby please (please) naege dashi dorawa (naege dorawa)
you tell me tell me why you show me show me why
biga oneun naren nareul chajawa bameul saewo goerophida
noege gokhago sipheun hanmadi eonjena we always singing just for you
niga bogo sipheo jimyeon (sso goodbye goodbye)
oh cant you see im still loving you ajik nae mami neol bonael suga eobsho
ajikeun ibyeol mot baewoso ajikeun seulpemeul jal mollaseo
jami oji anhneunbam So sad tonight keudaewa hamkkehal su eobtneun i bam

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