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TermSecretary of the NavyOther Positions
1798-1801 (John Adams)Merchant/Revolutionary War veteran
1801-1809 (Thomas Jefferson)US Secretary of State
1809-1813 (James Madison)Governor of South Carolina
1813-1814 (James Madison)US Congressman from Pennsylvania
1815-1818 (James Madison/James Monroe)US Congressman from Massachusetts
1819-1823 (James Monroe)Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court
1823-1829 (James Monroe/John Q. Adams)Governor & US Senator from New Jersey
1829-1831 (Andrew Jackson)Governor & US Senator from North Carolina
1831-1834 (Andrew Jackson)US Secretary of the Treasury
1834-1838 (Andrew Jackson/M. Van Buren)Governor & US Senator from New Jersey
1838-1841 (Martin Van Buren)Novelist & Poet
1841 (William H. Harrison/John Tyler)US Senator from North Carolina
1841-1843 (John Tyler)US Secretary of State
1843-1844 (John Tyler)Collector of the Port of Boston
1844 (John Tyler)Governor & US Congressman from Virginia
1844-1845 (John Tyler) [First Term]US Attorney General
1845-1846 (James Polk)US Minister to the United Kingdom
1846-1849 (James Polk) [Second Term]US Congressman from Virginia
1849-1850 (Zachary Taylor)US Congressman from Virginia
1850-1852 (Millard Fillmore)Governor & US Senator from North Carolina
1852-1853 (Millard Fillmore)US Congressman from Maryland
1853-1857 (Franklin Pierce)US Congressman from North Carolina
1857-1861 (James Buchanan)US Attorney General
1861-1869 (Abraham Lincoln/A. Johnson)Newspaper Editor
1869 (Ulysses Grant)US Consul in Belgium
TermSecretary of the NavyOther Positions
1869-1877 (Ulysses Grant)US Congressman from New Jersey
1877-1880 (Rutherford Hayes)US Congressman from Indiana
1881 (Rutherford Hayes)US Senator from West Virginia
1881-1882 (James Garfield/C. Arthur)US Ambassador to Russia
1882-1885 (Chester Arthur)US Senator from New Hampshire
1885-1889 (Grover Cleveland)Industrialist & Financier
1889-1893 (Benjamin Harrison)US Attorney for Eastern New York
1893-1897 (Grover Cleveland)US Congressman from Alabama
1897-1902 (William McKinley/T. Roosevelt)Governor of Massachusetts
1902-1904 (Theodore Roosevelt)US Attorney General
1904-1905 (Theodore Roosevelt)Industrialist
1905-1906 (Theodore Roosevelt)US Attorney General
1906-1908 (Theodore Roosevelt)US Secretary of Commerce & Labor
1908-1909 (Theodore Roosevelt)US Senator from Michigan
1909-1913 (William Howard Taft)US Postmaster General
1913-1921 (Woodrow Wilson)US Ambassador to Mexico
1921-1924 (Warren Harding/C. Coolidge)US Congressman from Michigan
1924-1929 (Calvin Coolidge)Judge, US Court of Appls. for the 9th Circ.
1929-1933 (Herbert Hoover)Yachtsman
1933-1939 (Franklin Roosevelt)Governor & US Senator from Virginia
1940 (Franklin Roosevelt)Governor of New Jersey
1940-1944 (Franklin Roosevelt)Republican Vice Presidential Nominee
1944-1947 (Franklin Roosevelt/H. Truman)US Secretary of Defense
1947-1949 (Harry Truman)US Undersecretary of the Navy
1949-1951 (Harry Truman)US Ambassador to Ireland
TermSecretary of the NavyOther Positions
1951-1953 (Harry Truman)US Undersecretary of the Navy
1953-1954 (Dwight Eisenhower)US Secretary of the Treasury
1954-1957 (Dwight Eisenhower)US Undersecretary of the Navy
1957-1959 (Dwight Eisenhower)US Secretary of Defense
1959-1961 (Dwight Eisenhower)US Undersecretary of the Navy
1961 (John F. Kennedy)US Secretary of the Treasury
1962-1963 (John F. Kennedy)US Assistant Secretary of the Army
1963-1967 (Lyndon Johnson)US Deputy Secretary of Defense
1967-1969 (Lyndon Johnson)US Undersecretary of the Army
1969-1972 (Richard Nixon)Governor & US Senator from Rhode Island
1972-1974 (Richard Nixon)US Senator from Virginia
1974-1977 (Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford)US Undersecretary of the Navy
1977-1979 (Jimmy Carter)US Deputy Secretary of Defense
1979-1981 (Jimmy Carter)US Assistant Secretary of the Navy
1981-1987 (Ronald Reagan)Member of the 9/11 Commission
1987-1988 (Ronald Reagan)US Senator from Virginia
1988-1989 (Ronald Reagan)US Assistant Secretary of State
1989-1992 (George H.W. Bush)US Undersecretary of the Navy
1992-1993 (George H.W. Bush)Administrator of NASA
1993-1998 (Bill Clinton)Investment Banker
1998-2001 (Bill Clinton)US Undersecretary of the Navy
2001-2003 (George W. Bush) [First Term]US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security
2003-2006 (George W. Bush) [Second]US Deputy Secretary of Defense
2006-2009 (George W. Bush)Industrialist
2009- (Barack Obama)Governor of Mississippi

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