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Can you name the guest stars who played themselves on Seinfeld ?

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SynopsisGuest StarEpisode Appearance
Takes Kramer's Gyro on the Subway, is on the cover of
Frank's missing TV Guide
The Cigar Store Indian
Kramer has to fire her, because she doesn't move her arms while tap dancing. She also gets in a
cat-fight with Elaine
The Summer of George
Kramer asks this Yankee to hit 2 home runs for a sick child. He also must catch a fly-ball in his hat.The Wink
He makes fun of Jerry's puffy shirt on the Today showThe Puffy Shirt
Playing her secratary was Kramer's big break in L.A..Elaine wrote
a script for her show too
The Keys
He was Kramer's only celebrity guest on ''The Merv Griffin Show.''The Merv Griffin Show
He was Jerry's sponsor
for the Friar's Club
The Friars Club
George injures her while playing softball. It was not plannedThe Understudy
The fat content in yogurt spurred him to victory in the
NYC mayoral election
The Non-Fat Yogurt
George teaches this famous Yankees shortstop how to hit.
'We won the World Series.'
The Abstinence
Larry David played him, but he did appear in a deleted scene as himself.The Invitations
This Yankee centerfielder asks if George was the one who set the team up in a Ramada in MilwaukeeThe Abstinence
This mustachioed reporter hosts a special on the 'trial of four'
in Massachusetts
The Finale
SynopsisGuest StarEpisode Appearance
The 'Velvet Fog.' He thinks that Kramer is mentally challenged The Jimmy
While on her talk show Kramer
spits coffee on her dress
The Opposite
He dated Elaine, wanted Jerry to help him move, and supposedly spit on Newman and KramerThe Boyfriend
This Mets pitcher
was the 'second spitter'
The Boyfriend
Kramer goes on his show to
promote his book, he declares
Kramer to be 'bonkos'
The Opposite
Jerry appears on this man's famous talk show multiple timesThe Shower Head
While in L.A. Kramer thinks this child star would be great in his movie. Kramer scares him offThe Trip
George convinces this Yankee manager to switch
the uniforms to cotton
The Pledge Drive
George suggests to him to change the setting of his hit show.
'Enough with the bar already.'
The Trip
George told him he had a great case to do on L.A. Law.The Trip
She is attracted to short, quirky, bald men. She also punched George after finding out he was engaged The Cadillac
George 'fixes' this Yankee's swing. He was also supposed to appear on the pledge drive with Jerry.The Pledge Drive
He bit Kramer's arm
(though it was validated).
George claims to own his LeBaron
The Mom & Pop Store

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