Seinfeld: Episode Title Quotes II

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Can you name the Seinfeld quotes that contain the title of the episode?

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What's that ____ ____ on your sweater?Kramer
He's sleeping with his ______!Kramer
Yeah, I'm out - I'm out of the ______.Kramer
_____ him Jerry! _____ him!Lois
I've got two words to say to you, George: ___ _____.Steinbrenner
A ______, Jerry. Think of the flexibility. Mmm, that sex'll melt your face.Kramer
Ironically, the mishap by bringing the _____-____ _______ scandal to the attention of the public, probably clinched the election for the Republican.Elaine
We gotta see the new baby anyway, at least we'll get a weekend in the ______ out of it.Elaine
Apparently Peggy... down in Design?--got into a liiiittle bit of a tiff yesterday with somebody named, _____?Peterman
What kind of person would hurt the ____ ____?Local Man
So, you want to come down to Mario's Pizza with me and help me pick up the ______?George
And then, the evil ogre took back the magical ______ from the handsome young prince.Kramer
Um, he said, 'Oh. A _____ ______. Howbout that?'Elaine
Well, you see, David, you're a ____ ______.Elaine
You know, the thing is, I kinda promised the widow Mantle that I would name my baby ______.George
Bookman? The ________ investigator's name is actually, Bookman?Kramer
You put a ___ ______ on her leg during my recital?Noel
Ya know I feel a little funny calling somebody _______.Jerry
So how was the ____?Jerry
'Matthew, Luke, Paul', what you’re cheating on your _________ test?Jerry

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