Halloween, Nightmare, or Friday?

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Can you name the horror franchise given these clues?

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Released independentlyTrivia
John CarpenterDirector of 1st film
Johnny DeppEarly role
by Future
Movie Star
_____ III:
Season of the Witch
Film Without the Main Villain
Nancy ThompsonHeroin of
1st Film
Camp Crystal Lake,
New Jersey
Primary villain was not
the killer in the 1st film
Freddy KruegerVillain
Jamie Lee CurtisEarly role
by Future
Movie Star
MacheteWeapon of Choice
Jason VoorheesVillain
6Films in Original Franchise
_____ XFinal Film of Original Franchise
Sean CunninghamDirector of 1st film
Alice HardyHeroin of
1st Film
_____: ResurrectionFinal Film of Original Franchise
Michael MyersVillain
May 9, 1980Release Date
_____: A New BeginningFilm Without the Main Villain
Wes CravenDirector of 1st film
Springwood, OhioSetting
Laurie StrodeHeroin of
1st Film
Chef's KnifeWeapon of Choice
October 25, 1978Release Date
10Films in Original Franchise
November 9, 1984Release Date
Kevin BaconEarly role
by Future
Movie Star
Haddonfield, IllinoisSetting
8Films in Original Franchise
Clawed GloveWeapon of Choice
Consensus that it contains the best standalone filmTrivia
_____ Dead:
The Final _____
Final Film of Original Franchise

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