Missing Word: Goosebumps Books

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Can you name the missing word in each Goosebumps book title?

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TitleMissing Word
______ Skin
______ Monsters from Mars
The Abominable Snowman of ______
The Cuckoo Clock of ______
The ______ Mask
Let's Get ______
Say ______ and Die
Why I'm Afraid of ______
______ Lessons can be Murder
Go Eat ______
TitleMissing Word
How to ______ a Monster
______ Blood III
Stay out of the ______
Welcome to ______ House
Night of the Living ______ II
The Curse of Camp ______ Lake
The ______ Walks at Midnight
You Can't ______ Me!
One Day at ______
Welcome to Camp ______

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