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The Assyrian army was able to conquer and maintain an empire due to its
Livy's account of cincinnatus
Which of the following phrases best describes the social situation of most Greek women?
The Hebrew Bible
'The Republic' depicted
The Roman senator who led the movement for the complete destruction of Carthage was
Which of the following statements about the Roman armies in the early Republic is INCORRECT?
The famous Indian ruler who sent Buddhist missionaries to Greek rulers was
All of the following about the Etruscans are correct EXCEPT they
All of the following are prominent features of Greece's topography EXCEPT
Originally the Roman senate
Egyptian pharaohs ruled and derived their authority from the
One of the few female Pharaohs was
By the latter Republic, Roman slaves
Which Roman writer is mostly closely associated with the development of a new poetry at the end of the Roman Republic?
The result of the Third Punic War was
Which of the following statements best describes the governing of Roman provinces under Augustus?
The earliest human-like creatures, hominids, existed in Africa as early as
Which class of women achieved the most notable gains during the Hellenistic period?
In Rome, the male family head, the 'pater familias', could
Socrates was condemned to death for
The tradition of the Hebrews states that they were descendants of the patriarch ________ who had migrated from mesopotamia to the land of Palestine
The Lycurgan reforms resulted in
The Roman Senate under Augustus was
At the battle of Marathon, the Greeks
Which of the following phases BEST describes the Delian League?
Which of the following statements about the Macedonians is CORRECT?
Roman religious practices included
Livy was best known in the Augustan Age for his
In the 13th Century the Egyptians were driven out of Palestine and back to their original frontiers by the
Philip 2nd was able to forge an efficient military machine by
Improvements in trade and commerce in the Hellenistic world were greatly aided by all of the following EXCEPT
The poetry of Sappho reflected
The Hellenistic states in the centuries after Alexander the Great
Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of the typical Greek polis?
For administrative purposes in the Old Kingdom, Egypt was
The Roman Dictator
The most tolerant and efficient of the near Eastern empires was the
In their struggle with the patricians, Roman plebeians employed which of the following tactics
The poems of Virgil, the most distinguished poet of the Augustan Age,
How did Greek religion change during the Hellenistic Period?
Ancient Egyptian history is divided into ____ major periods
Romans did not readily accept an Greek philosophy except that of
Early Empire medicine was typified by
The head of the Roman religious observances was
For the Romans, Italy's geography
Growing appreciation of astronomy among European peoples after 4000 B.C. is best seen in
What was the primary difference between the philosophy of the Greek classical period and philosophy during the Hellenistic period?
In establishing his empire, Alexander the Great

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