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The largest area of Roman innovation in architecture was
To balance the power of kings and the Council of Elders, Spartan political reformers created the
The Hebrew religion
The Greek god of healing, thought responsible for miraculous cures in the Hellenistic period, was
Paul of Tarsus
The Hittites were
The prolific 'silver age' writer Seneca
All of the following were conquered by Alexander EXCEPT
Rome's conquest of the Italian Peninsula by 264 B.C. can be attributed in part to
The Alexandrian scholar Euclid's most famous achievement was
Trade and commerce in the Early Empire
Which of the following was NOT a major source of slaves in the Hellenistic world?
Which of the following important powers did Augustus NOT hold
Upon the death of Alexander
Roman provincial and frontier policy under Augustus was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
The Chief center of Minoan Crete was
Greek comedy was
Hesiod's famous poem about the pleasures of ordinary work is titled
As Rome expanded, it became Roman policy to govern the provinces with officials known as
All of the following helped make Assyria an efficient military machine EXCEPT for
Solomon's most revered contribution to the Hebrew society was to
The focal points and sources of life for the ancient Egyptians were the
An especially important cultural center with the largest library in ancient times was
The Greek historian Thucydides differed from Herodotus in that the former
The Athenian statesman who established the ten tribes and who weakened the aristocracy and increased the authority of the ordinary citizens was
In ancient civilizations, bronze would replace copper because
The Pelopossesian War resulted in
All of the following occurred during the reigns of the five 'good emperors' EXCEPT for
Concerning social classes during early Roman Empire,
Early Greek philosophy attempted to
The Babylonia creation epic was
The immediate cause of the First Punic War was
The first of the Flavian emperors was
The early Neolithic revolution saw all of the following technical developments EXCEPT the
The original Indo- Europeans possibly came from
Augustus' social legislation enacted to stop the decline of Roman morals
Hellenistic education as embodied in the gymnasium
For the Greeks, the term 'arete' described the
A clear trend of Hellenistic cities was
Which of the following statements about Roman names is INCORRECT?
The destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. and the Babylonian Captivity of the Hebrews occurred at the hands of the
Which of the following statements best applies to the status of women in Mesopotamian society?
The 'golden age' historian Livy is well known for his
The philosophical school that stressed happiness through freeing oneself from a political life was
Among Augustus' key innovations in Roman provincial rule was his
The theatrical center of the Hellenistic world and home of New Comedy was
Hellenistic sculpture
All of the following were Assyrian kings EXCEPT for
The Roman praetorian gaurds were
Which of the statements BEST describes the Julio- Claudian emperors?

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