V for Vendetta Characters

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Can you name the characters from 'V for Vendetta'?

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Slighlty insane with a strong disposition towards the government, man of the theatre
Detective whose life is changed when he realizes the dark truth behind the government
Head of the propaganda division, defuses a bomb in the BTN Tower
Envious chief of police (The Finger) who is getting tired of taking all the blame from Sutler, nicknamed 'Creepy _____'
The Hitler-like dictator of Great Britain, party member and founder of Norsefire
Confused and troubled young girl who faces the choice between what she was taught as wrong and what she knows to be right
Comedic television show host who has dark secrets of his own
The voice of London
Coroner who has a dark medical background, having served at Lark-Hill
Deceased lesbian who writes a very emotional and touching letter to whomever may occupy the cell beside her, having been captured and locked up as one of Norsefire's 'social undesi

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