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Updated Feb 5, 2013

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Hint4-Letter Word
● A body of water of surrounded by land ●
Netlike ornamental fabric made of threads
Pests in your hair
An undead creature
● A Scottish sea inlet like Ness ●
Slang for an insane person
A symbol of a company
Portions of the trunk of a felled tree
The British word for toilets
Murmurs or talks fondly
Hip or chilly
● A still, deep place in a stream ●
Russian weight equal to about 36 pounds
● A smaller land-surrounded body of water ●
Connection between people
A curve in a road
Glassy necklace component
Hint4-Letter Word
To strike violently
● A vessel for transport by water ●
● A water-filled trench around a castle ●
In the greatest amount
● Airborne globules of water ●
Any aromatic herb of the genus Mentha
A helpful clue
The handle of a sword
To stop; cease moving
A corridor or passageway in a building
● Precipitation in the form of balls of ice ●
A bar a train rides upon
● Water that falls from the sky ●
Put on weight
To smile broadly
Of a sinister or ghastly character
Formally precise or proper
Hint4-Letter Word
A high school or college dance
Abbreviation for a college teacher
Interjection used to express a disappearance
The sound a dog makes
Largest member of the dog family
A game with clubs and tees
● A portion of an ocean partly enclosed ●
To swallow eagerly
Processed wood precursor for paper
Option for opening a door
A male elephant
Rounded pod of a plant
2008 animated Disney movie about a dog
A shoe that covers part of the leg
Black dust found in chimneys
Mucus from the nose
● Precipitation in the form of ice crystals ●

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