Word Ladder: Four Letter 42

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A thin metal cord
The father of a horse
A painful of sensitive wound or injury
To separate into groups
Black stuff in chimneys
12 inches
What you eat
How you're feeling at a particular time
A natural satellite of Earth
A poetic word for the early part of the day
______ on the cob
The center of something
To be concerned about something
A small vehicle pushed or pulled by hand
To break wind
The price of passage
A place where crops and livestock are raised
A small abnormal elevation on the skin
An article of merchandise
Not covered
Homer Simpson's son
A piece of something
A place to dock a ship
Pig meat
What bottle stoppers are made of
Someone who makes food
Opposite of [Rung 19]
If you're not [Rung 1], you're a ______

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