Real or Fake: Harry Potter Spells

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Can you name the made up Harry Potter spells and the real Harry Potter spells from the list below?

Updated Nov 8, 2014

How to Play
SpellReal(R) or Fake(F)Spell Effect
CrucioTortures the victim
EpiskeyHeals minor injuries
ImpostriousChanges someone's appearance
DomegioMakes rocks fall from the ceiling
AguamentiShoots water out of a wand
ProtegoMakes a magical shield
BloodendioCauses victim to bleed
Abra KedabraKilling Curse
IncendioStarts a fire
ReparoRepares a broken item
SpellReal(R) or Fake(F)Spell Effect
DarkenioMakes a room dark
ReleasiusReleases something tied up
LevitatiousMakes an item float
SectumsempraCuts something open
TrippendoCauses victim to trip
AvisConjures a flock of birds
EnlargioMakes something grow
MuffliatoCauses buzzing noise
AlohomoraOpens locked doors
ConfumentoCauses confusion

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