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AGreek goddess of wisdom
BEgyptian goddess of cats and protection
CRoman goddess of fertility and agriculture
DGreek goddess of fertility and agriculture
ENorse goddess of spring and fertility
FNorse mother of the gods
GEgyptian god of the earth
HGreek messenger of the gods
IEgyptian goddess of simplicity, nature, and magic
JRoman goddess of marriage/queen of the gods
KEgyptian god of the Nile and potters
LNorse trickster god of fire
MRoman goddess of wisdom
NRoman god of the sea
ONorse god of wisdom/king of the gods
PGreek god of the sea
QAztec god of the wind
REgyptian sun god
SEgyptian god of the desert and chaos
TNorse god of war and thunder
UNorse god of the hunt
VHindu god of preserving and protecting creation
WNorse smith of the gods
XMayan creation god
YCanaanite sea and river god
ZGreek king of the gods

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