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Can you name the full-length films Will Smith has been in? (not including narrations or films he has played himself!)?

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Character NameFilmYear
Tea Cake Walters1993
Detective Mike Lowrey1995
Captain Steven 'Steve' Hiller USMC1996
James Darrell Edwards / Agent J1997
Robert Clayton Dean1998
Captain James 'Jim' West1999
Bagger Vance2000
Muhammad Ali2001
Character NameFilmYear
James Darrell Edwards / Agent J2002
Detective Mike Lowrey2003
Detective Del Spooner2004
Oscar (voice)2004
Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens2005
Chris Gardner2006
Dr. Robert Neville2007
John Hancock2008
Ben Thomas2008
James Darrell Edwards / Agent J2012

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