Hitchhikers Guide Characters (1-4 only)

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Can you name the Hitchhikers Guide Characters (1-4 only)?

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Only looking for a good cup of tea.
Two heads, president.
Mathematician, astrophysicist.
Depressed Robot.
Designer, won an award for Norway.
Triple-Breasted **** of Eroticon 6.
Designed to calculate The Answer.
Soulmate, appears in SLATFATF.(4)
Sadistic, destroyed Earth twice.
Member of the rock group Disaster Area.
Ship's Computer.
Immortal, insults every living being.
Murdered in every reincarnation.
Norse God.
Prophet, late for the second coming.
Runs an asylum on Earth.
Programmers, day of the great On-turning.
A reporter, ony 'half mad.'
Author of several philisophical books.
In his office, on an intergalactic cruise.
Designer of the Ultimate Weapon.
Bred to have the desire to be eaten.
Lives in a small shack with his cat.

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