Eric Saade or E.M.D.

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''I get closer but still miles away from getting what she's all about''
''I can't run away from all the pain''
''I'll be the fire in your night.''
''My fingers pointed like a hand gun''
''And raise our children''
''You tell me I'm a real man''
''And you won't know why''
''My hands were cold and dry''
''I'm sitting here, I miss the power''
''Gonna sing my lungs out till I pop some ears''
''Now she's in another place and I can't reach her''
''When the water meet the sky''
''The feelings I have for you''
''Gonna free my true colour tonight ''
''Gone, gone, gone''
''For the spotlight, day and night''
''But I got lost in my echo''
''Cause I'm complete''

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