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A-The man who ends up with Karen in season 5
B-Recurring character who dates Skills, but ends up married to Tim
C-A high school club dedicated to celibacy that Brooke and Rachel joined
D-The father of Nathan and Lucas
E-Jules' real name
F-Brooke's boyfriend during season two
G-Mouth's girlfriend during seasons 3/4 and co-worker during season six
H-The gang goes here to rescue mouth during season four
J-Name of Jake and Nicki's daughter
K-Dan's brother/Karen's deceased fiance/Lucas and Nathan's uncle
L-Combination of Lucas and Peyton's names, used when referring to them as a couple
M-Mouth's real name
N-Combination of Nathan and Haley's names, used when referring to them as a couple
P-When Peyton finds out that Derek is a stalker, they start referring to him as '______ Derek'
Q-Basketball player coached by Nathan who was shot during season six
R-Name of their high school mascot/Lucas's novel
S-Name of Julian's mother
T-Name of the Principal of Tree HIll High
U-The gang travels here during season 7
V-Name of Brooke's mother
W-Name of the Tree HIll Ravens basketball coach during seasons 1-4

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