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(A)-The name of the graphic novel that Seth and Zack co-create
(B)-Place where the gang goes to see concerts/Seth works there briefly
(C)-Summer's nickname for Marissa
(D)-Name of the person who shot Luke during season one
(E)-Name of Theresa's fiance
(F)-Name of Ryan's father
(G)-Bullit's first name
(H)-Name of Kirsten's sister
(J)-Ryan's favorite band
(K)-Name of Marissa's sister
(L)-Name of Julie's ex who she made a porn film with back in the '80s
(M)-Name of the season 2 episode in which Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth get stuck inside the mall
(N)-Name of Summer's dad
(O)-Character who falls for Marissa during season one while she was dating Ryan
(P)-The place where the characters go to eat, hang out, chat, etc.
(R)-Name of the band that Oliver takes the gang to go see live
(S)-Sandy's real name
(T)-Place where Seth told Ryan he was going to sail to during the pilot episode
(U)-The prom's theme during season 2
(V)-Marissa's boyfriend during season three, played by Cam Gigandet
(W)-Luke's last name
(Z)-Name of one of Summer's boyfriends during season 2

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