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People reach decisions faster when an item is a typical rather than unusual member of a ___________.
The previous question refers to the _____________ effect.
True or false? Each member of a category is equally representative of that category
According to the _______________ network model, semantic memory is organized as netlike structures with several interconnections.
The smallest unit of knowledge that can be judged as true or false is called ______________.
True or false? Generalized knowledge about a situation, an event, or person is called a script.
Believing that we have viewed a greater portion of a scene than we actually have is an example of _____________.
If you remember the meaning of a message rather than the words of the message, you have demonstrated ____________.
____________ tests have shown that people can mentally pair related words together easier than unrelated words.
The three leves an object can be categorized at are ___________, ___________, and ____________.
Boat would be an example of a __________ level category.
True or false? To have family resemblance, it is not necessary for all examples of a concept to share a single attribute.
What determines how much activation one unit can pass on to another unit in the parallel distributed processing model?
The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is an example of ______________.
Which model proposes the organization of concepts in memory that have numerous interconnections?

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