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In language, a _______ is the basic unit of meaning. ?
A _______ is the basic unit of spoken language. ?
The discipline that is concerned with how the brain processes language is called ________. ?
The grammatical building blocks used to construct a sentence are called ________. ?
_________ memory refers to our organized knowledge about the world. ?
Damage to this area of the brain typically causes difficulties in understanding and producing speech. ?
When this area is damaged, speech is often hesitant and effortful. ?
When readers recognize words by pronouncing the individual letters in the word, they use the ________ approach. ?
When you read a word by a direct-access route, you recognize it through _______. ?
When you recognize a word by sounding it out, you read it by an _________ route. ?
According to the textbook, negatives, the passice voice, nested structures, and __________ are all factors that affect language comprehension. ?
The cognitive-functional approach is also called __________________. ?
Who proposed that language is modular? ?
Each hemisphere of the brain has somewhat different functions. This is referred to as ________. ?
Two sentences with identical surface structures but different deep structures are called ___________ sentences. ?

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