You See Cute & Cuddly Cats Every Day, But These Are Just Plain Ridiculous

Sure, cats are cute, and they like to play.  Sometimes they chase things, or they are curled up in your lap while you watch TV, but there are some cats that take being a cat to another level.  Behold, the ridiculous cats.

The I’ve Made a Huge Mistake Cat

So do we think this cat was trying to get up on the window sill and couldn’t make it, or slipped off and was holding on for dear life?  The other option is he’s doing pull ups, in which case, I’m very very afraid.  Source

The Where Are My Treats Cat

You can take the treats away from the cat, but you can’t take the cat away from the treat drawer.  Source

The Definitely Too Big To Be Held Cats

I really don’t know what’s better, the look on that cat’s face, or imagining what happens 1 second after this picture was taken. Wrong day to wear tshirt and shorts.  Source

The Lion Cat

Is this a house cat or something more likely to take down an antelope?  You decide.

The Pushy Pet Me Cat

Look, most cats do indeed like to be pet.  And sometimes they rub up against you to let you know they need a little attention.  But this cat takes it to another level, showing you EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO TO HER.  Cats.  Source

The You Can’t See Me Cat

I can just see the thought process now: “I bet I could get a much better view up on that window….oh, wait, no, I think I’m stuck now.  Play it cool.  Maybe nobody will notice”.   Source

The Table Cat

It’s one thing to beg for food.  It’s another to steal your seat at the table while doing so.  Source

The Pants Cat

Look, I respect a cat for knowing it’s time to sleep, and the bed is a good start, but I have to wear those pants, and the cats legs are definitely not long enough for them.  Source

The Invisible Cat

Check out this quiz  to see cats in their element playing with god knows what.