A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends…

You gotta love Kickstarter.

The theatrical trailer has been released for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie and it looks awesome. If you didn’t watch Veronica Mars, (first off, shame on you – you are the reason they cancelled it!) you should know that the show to this day has a very loyal fan base which famously raised $5.7 million via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com to get the film made.

Veronica Mars starred Kristen Bell as a teen detective investigating crimes in her hometown of Neptune, California. The new trailer has her drawn back to her hometown after murder accusations point toward her former boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) as the culprit. Oh and just in time for her ten-year high school reunion.

The Veronica Mars film will premiere in select theaters on March 14th, 2014.

Source: Veronica Mars

You See Cute & Cuddly Cats Every Day, But These Are Just Plain Ridiculous

Sure, cats are cute, and they like to play.  Sometimes they chase things, or they are curled up in your lap while you watch TV, but there are some cats that take being a cat to another level.  Behold, the ridiculous cats.

The I’ve Made a Huge Mistake Cat

So do we think this cat was trying to get up on the window sill and couldn’t make it, or slipped off and was holding on for dear life?  The other option is he’s doing pull ups, in which case, I’m very very afraid.  Source

The Where Are My Treats Cat

You can take the treats away from the cat, but you can’t take the cat away from the treat drawer.  Source

The Definitely Too Big To Be Held Cats

I really don’t know what’s better, the look on that cat’s face, or imagining what happens 1 second after this picture was taken. Wrong day to wear tshirt and shorts.  Source

The Lion Cat

Is this a house cat or something more likely to take down an antelope?  You decide.

The Pushy Pet Me Cat

Look, most cats do indeed like to be pet.  And sometimes they rub up against you to let you know they need a little attention.  But this cat takes it to another level, showing you EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO TO HER.  Cats.  Source

The You Can’t See Me Cat

I can just see the thought process now: “I bet I could get a much better view up on that window….oh, wait, no, I think I’m stuck now.  Play it cool.  Maybe nobody will notice”.   Source

The Table Cat

It’s one thing to beg for food.  It’s another to steal your seat at the table while doing so.  Source

The Pants Cat

Look, I respect a cat for knowing it’s time to sleep, and the bed is a good start, but I have to wear those pants, and the cats legs are definitely not long enough for them.  Source

The Invisible Cat

Check out this quiz  to see cats in their element playing with god knows what.

Tickets For His Concerts Go For Over $200, But When He Played For Free On The Street, Nobody Noticed.

Editor’s Note: This is a bit old in the world of the internet, but we were inspired to publish it as we wind down the holidays and head into the new year as a reminder of the things we miss as we go about our day-to-day lives.  

This is a true story.

What happens when one of the most talented musicians in the world, plays one of the most difficult pieces ever written, on a violin worth $3.5 million dollars in a Washington DC subway platform? Turns out, not much.

With over a thousand people coming and going from the Metro station, concert violinist Joshua Bell stood incognito and played his way through a set list of classical masterpieces. Only a few people stopped to listen, some dropped some money into this violin case (for about $27) but most never paused to look.

For nearly an hour on the morning of January 12, 2007, Bell stood and performed classical music for the morning commute. Three days earlier he had filled the house at Boston’s stately Symphony Hall, where a pretty good seat went for $100.

The event was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste, and priorities of people. They asked, in a commonplace environment at an inappropriate hour: Do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize the talent in an unexpected context?

“No one knew it,” explained Washington Post reporter Gene Weingarten months after the event, “but the fiddler standing against a bare wall outside the Metro in an indoor arcade at the top of the escalators was one of the finest classical musicians in the world, playing some of the most elegant music ever written on one of the most valuable violins ever made.” 

source: Washington Post

Sherlock Lives – BBC Releases Mini-Episode Teaser for Season 3

Sherlock is coming back on January 1st, but the BBC just released a mini-episode that suggests that Sherlock has not been idle. ”Many Happy Returns” (watch below) hints that our favorite sleuth  is making his way back to London and solving various mysteries along the way.
The seven-minute mini-episode was written by producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and serves as a great teaser for ”The Empty Hearse” which we will see next month.

Sherlock Season 3 begins New Year’s Day in England, and will air on PBS Masterpiece on Jan. 19th.

Everybody Loves Jimmy Fallon and Here is Another Reason Why

Jimmy Fallon Baby It's Cold Outside
Jimmy Fallon, hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live, performed a duet with Cecily Strong of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” that is certain to become an instant holiday classic.

Their version puts a slight twist on the much loved duet, showing what happens when a guy with trouble committing has to pick up where “Well, maybe just half a drink more” leaves off.

Here’s the clip, from the good folks at SNL:

Bring on the Chimpocalypse!


Poor Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. You remember him — the super-smart, uber-sympathetic chimp who was BFFs with James Franco?

Yeah so, In Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it looks like he has become the ruthless leader of an ape uprising and I am willing to bet he will tear your arms off if you call him a monkey.

Opening on July 11th next year, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is directed by Cloverfield director Matt Reeves and adds Gary Oldman and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) to the cast.

This Could Be THE Dumbest Tagline in the History of Taglines

The film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars has released a new promo and all seemed sweet and precious ’til you get to the tagline.

The poster depicts costars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort lying next to each other in a tender pose and right beneath Woodley and Elgort’s heads reads “one sick love story.”

Wait, WHAT?

The film’s plot, which involves two teenage cancer patients who fall in love while pretty much dying, has its share of gallows humor, and I get that taglines have to be eye catching and to the point. But COME ON people. Even John Green, the author of the best-selling book,  took to his own Tumblr page to react to the movie’s tagline and deny repeatedly that he had nothing to do with coming up with it.

Are we overreacting here? What do you think of the tagline? Let us know below.

Just When You Thought Justin Timberlake Couldn’t Get Any More Awesome, He Does This.

“Josh and Kim, why don’t ya’ll make your way up here,”

And with that, Justin Timberlake led Josh Clemons and his girlfriend Kim Martin up onstage and into the marriage proposal stratosphere.

“This is Josh and Kim,” Timberlake said. “Josh called me earlier. He’s got something he wants to tell you.”

Not every guy can say that Justin Timberlake helped him land the girl of his dreams. We assume she said yes.