7 Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

1. The image is not moving

This is not an animated GIF. You could print it out and the effect will still be there.

2. Chase the dots

Chase the dots?
Credit: shutterstock.com
This is known as the Hermann grid illusion. The illusion is characterized by “ghostlike” grey blobs perceived at the intersections of a white grid on a black background. The illusion disappears if you fixate on the crossings.

3. The Hidden Tiger

Can you chase the dots?
Credit: shutterstock.com
This was made by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust, sure you see the Bengal tiger but can you find the hidden tiger somewhere in the painting? Keep looking, you will find it.

4. Which way is the train going?

Can you chase the dots?
Credit: moillusions.com
The train may be moving in a different direction each time you look at the image. Try staring at it long enough and you can make the train change directions.

5. Frog or Horse?

Can you chase the dots?
Most people see the frog right away, there is a horse in the picture as well, no lies!

6. The red lines are straight, yes really!

Can you chase the dots?
This is the Hering illusion where two straight and parallel lines look as if they were bowed outwards. The effect is produced by the lined pattern on the background that simulate a perspective design and creates a false impression of depth. Just another example of your brain creating an optical illusion to mess with you.

7. Spend your day sorting this out…

Can you chase the dots?
Credit: Carlos Whittaker
This extraordinary feat of manipulation of photography will melt your brain hurt if you stare at it for too long.