Welcome To The 1932 Olympics

Four sports, fourteen events, seventeen countries, and two hundred and fifty-two athletes – welcome to the Lake Placid, 1932 Winter Olympic Games.

The third-ever Winter Olympics doesn’t quite have the pageantry of Sochi but it also lacks Bob Costas’ pink eye.  Check out the footage below and then see the table of the comparison of 1932 and 2014:

Source: Internet Archive via The Wire

Lake Placid Sochi
Country: USA Russia
Year: 1932 2014
Nations: 17 88
Events: 14 98
Athletes: 252 2800+
Opened By: Franklin Roosevelt Vladimir Putin
Stadium: Lake Placid Speedskating Oval Fisht Olympic Stadium

This Could Be THE Dumbest Tagline in the History of Taglines

The film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars has released a new promo and all seemed sweet and precious ’til you get to the tagline.

The poster depicts costars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort lying next to each other in a tender pose and right beneath Woodley and Elgort’s heads reads “one sick love story.”

Wait, WHAT?

The film’s plot, which involves two teenage cancer patients who fall in love while pretty much dying, has its share of gallows humor, and I get that taglines have to be eye catching and to the point. But COME ON people. Even John Green, the author of the best-selling book,  took to his own Tumblr page to react to the movie’s tagline and deny repeatedly that he had nothing to do with coming up with it.

Are we overreacting here? What do you think of the tagline? Let us know below.