Welcome To The Internet in Real-Time

The folks over at pennystocks have put together this mesmerizing infographic that shows just how far down the rabbit hole of the internet we are. From watching streaming video to social media, to shopping and blogging, there is a staggering amount of data being transferred over the Internet.

Every second there is simply an overwhelming amount of activity and this graphic details it in mind bending clarity. Everything from the amount of ad revenue Google makes, to Instagram uploads, to Tweets, to how much money is spent on Amazon.

I think the only missing is the number of quiz plays on Sporcle. Someone should really get on that.

Click the animation to open the full version (via http://pennystocks.la).

Robotics and Ping Pong – A Match Made In Heaven

It’s not quite Skynet, but this robotic arm is fairly decent at ping pong. Matched up against table tennis star (yes, that is a thing) Timo Boll, the robot, UHTTR-1 developed by robot maker Kuka, is able to hit the ball back independently and hang in there.

The video is shot much like a Michael Bay film, but it is somewhat fun to imagine what this robotic Forrest Gump would be like at the olympics someday.