12 Oddball Facts About Movies That You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Jonah Hill contracted bronchitis from snorting so much fake cocaine The Wolf of Wall Street.

2. Frozen was the first animated Disney film directed by a woman.

3. If the runway in the final action scene of Fast & Furious 6 were real, it would be at least 26 miles long.

4. To get ready for their roles in Fight Club, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton took lessons in Tae Kwon Do‎, boxing‎ and making soap.

5. Barkhad Abdi, the actor who played the head pirate in Captain Philips, ad-libbed the films most famous line – “Look at me. I’m the captain now”.

6. Jamie Waylett who played Crabbe in the Harry Potter series was arrested for growing cannabis, participation in the 2011 England riots, and possession of a Molotov cocktail.

6. Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond film.

8. The first American film to show a toilet flushing on screen was Psycho.

9. The actor who plays ‘Ming Ming’ in the movie ‘Elf’ is played by Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

10. The “Royale with Cheese” as famously explained in the film Pulp Fiction is not in fact a name for the Quarter Pounder with Cheese anywhere in the world.

11. Charlie Sheen stayed up for 48 hours to achieve the wasted look for his cameo in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a drugged-up felon.

12. The line “I’m the king of the world!” from the movie Titanic was ad-libbed.