Difficulty: Sports

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
16+ Olympic Golds7.58%
2Mitchell Report9.13%
3Pitchers With a Hit in a No-Hitter9.35%
4FIFA Players With Most Caps10.26%
5NCAA Basketball 2011: Hampton University11.63%
6Big 4 Longest Suspensions12.67%
7NBA Foreign-Born 1st Round Picks13.50%
8UEFA Golden Players14.22%
9Heineken Cup Grounds14.61%
10MLB Rookie No-Hitters15.04%
11NCAA Basketball 2011: Long Island University15.07%
12NCAA Basketball 2011: UTSA15.21%
13NCAA Basketball 2011: Alabama State University15.69%
14NBA Top Scorers per Country16.03%
15MLB Combined No-Hitters16.07%
16NCAA Basketball 2011: University of Arkansas16.30%
17MLB Hitting Streaks17.25%
18MLB Unassisted Triple Plays17.43%
19MLB Multiple No-Hitters17.76%
20NFL Touchdown Leaders Minefield17.81%
21NFL Least Passing Yards by 1st Round QB18.26%
22MLB #1 Draft Picks18.40%
23MLS MVPs18.55%
24NFL Rookies of the Year18.97%
25MLB Albert Pujols HR Pitchers18.98%


RankGame% Correct
1MLB Teams on a Map99.04%
2Progressively Harder NFL Logos96.94%
3Big East96.73%
4NFL Most 1st Round Picks by College96.30%
5Illinois Big 4 Teams96.24%
6Golf Scoring95.50%
7Sports Categories Grab Bag95.33%
8Big 1295.06%
9Sports by Cupcake94.89%
10Out of Shape NFL Logos94.62%
11Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments94.22%
12NFL Passing Leaders (2000s)94.12%
13RBS Six Nations Teams (Rugby)93.81%
14SEC States93.49%
15Sports Puns93.39%
16Pennsylvania Big 4 Pro Sports Teams93.39%
17Pixelated NFL Logos93.31%
18Pac-12 School Map93.28%
19NFL Starting QBs (New England Patriots)93.12%
20NBA Multiple-Team States92.86%
21Multiple World Cup Winners92.84%
22Formula 1 Driving Leaders (1970s)92.80%
23NFL 400 Touchdown Club92.65%
24Parts of a Golf Course92.29%
25Billiard Ball Colors92.07%