Difficulty: Music

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
1Same Title - 3 Different Songs9.59%
2Run and Walk Songs (Harder Version)11.27%
3Grammy Best New Artist11.92%
4First And Last Top 1012.75%
5Instrumental Songs13.10%
6Women's Names Songs13.59%
7Beastie Boys Songs13.84%
8Vincent Price's Thriller13.86%
9Billboard's Sexiest Songs14.23%
10'We are the World: 25' Singers14.23%
11'Don't Worry, Be Happy' Lyrics14.41%
12Soul Hits of the '70s15.32%
13Hit Song/Hit Artist15.50%
14Billboard Hot 100 (1999)15.79%
15Women from 88 Lines About 44 Women15.90%
16Time Songs15.91%
17Song Covers Chain16.22%
18Stuttering #1 Hits16.31%
19I've Been Everywhere16.33%
20Wonderful World16.47%
21Solo Beatles Hits16.55%
22'Margaritaville' Lyrics16.72%
23Before and After: Musicians III16.88%
244-Letter Hit Songs17.04%
25Top Concerts Tours (2008)17.19%


RankGame% Correct
13-Word Album Title Match-Up II96.21%
2Clickable Classic Children's Songs95.19%
33 Songs, 1 Missing Word II93.98%
4Work and Play in Beatles Songs92.05%
5Spice Girls92.02%
6Hit Song Titles in Context91.47%
7Find the Piano Notes91.35%
8Halfsies: Taylor Swift Songs91.33%
9Prepositions In Song Titles91.26%
10Mis-Matched Bands91.15%
11'They're' Rhymes In Song Lyrics91.04%
12Three-Word Bands Slot Machine III90.82%
13Beatles Beginnings Slot Machine90.18%
14Songs that Lost a Word II90.17%
15Piano Man Clicky-oke90.16%
16Song Title Trios90.16%
17Song Rhymes: Double Missing Word89.71%
18A Sporcler's Guide to the Orchestra89.67%
19Instruments by Silhouette89.34%
20Uncommon Singing Duos88.98%
21Bands Within Bands88.54%
22Stand By Me Lyrics88.02%
23Who's in One Direction?87.71%
24Trading Places: Music87.64%