Difficulty: Movies

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
1100 Worst Movies (2000s)5.21%
2Forest Whitaker Movies7.39%
3Ernie Hudson Movies9.07%
4Steve Buscemi Movies9.20%
5Peter O'Toole Films9.51%
6Dennis Quaid Movies10.85%
7Susan Sarandon Movies11.01%
8James Gandolfini Movies12.44%
9Samuel L. Jackson Movies12.63%
10Jeff Bridges Movies12.78%
11Anthony Hopkins Movies13.10%
12Brittany Murphy Movies13.74%
13Liam Neeson Movies13.96%
14Zach Galifianakis Movies14.35%
15DVD Sales 200714.43%
16Lauren Bacall Movies14.72%
17#1 Movies: 200914.76%
18Kevin Bacon Movies14.89%
19State Movies14.98%
20Robert Downey Jr. Movies15.08%
21Ezekiel 25:17 (Pulp Fiction)15.15%
22Sean Penn Movies15.37%
23Morgan Freeman Movies15.49%
24Character Actors15.57%
25Bond Girls15.75%


RankGame% Correct
1Wizard of Oz Wishes97.99%
21970s Movie Slideshow97.25%
3Follow That Line: Back to the Future94.63%
4Movie Title Mash-Up Match II94.04%
5Movie Title Mash-Up Match92.63%
6Street Suffixes in Movie Titles92.53%
7Follow That Line: Ferris Bueller's Day Off92.26%
840 Movie Words That End in 'ER'92.05%
9Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?91.93%
10Animated Disney Movie Slideshow91.68%
11Follow That Line: Airplane!91.64%
12Fill-in-the-Blank Movie Names II91.57%
13Movie Director Mis-Matches91.19%
14Follow That Line: Shrek90.96%
1524 Famous Movie 'Teams'89.91%
16Highest Grossing G Rated Movies Slideshow89.85%
17Movies: Click Before the Colon89.80%
18Triple Chance Disney Lyrics89.33%
19Movies Sharing Words89.31%
20Movie Title Overlaps89.23%
21Seven Dwarfs88.88%
22Let's Dance! Disney Edition88.47%
23The 1990s Movie Blanket88.42%
24Follow That Line: Ghostbusters88.42%
25Five D's of Dodgeball88.29%