Difficulty: Miscellaneous

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
2Largest Charities (US)12.94%
3Top 100 Surnames (Japan)13.11%
4Single Letter Stocks13.58%
5Billy Mays13.96%
6U.K. Common Streets13.99%
7Ben and Jerry's Flavors14.38%
8Baby Names: Ambiguous Gender 15.05%
9Patronymic Surnames15.39%
10US University Seals15.52%
11Biggest Non-U.S. Retailers (2008)15.56%
12U.S. Miserable Cities16.41%
13HTML Elements17.11%
14Harvest Festivals17.54%
15What Comes Next II17.62%
16Baby Names: Ireland17.88%
17NASDAQ 10017.97%
18Boy + Letter = Girl17.99%
19Forgettable Things18.07%
20Campbell's Soups18.21%
21National Anthems18.66%
22Top Moneymaking US Magazines18.66%
23Twinkie Ingredients18.74%
24Game By Category19.01%
25Fortune Global 3019.16%


RankGame% Correct
1Miscellaneous Trios98.89%
2Common Household Items98.41%
3Follow That Line: Mitch Hedberg98.38%
4Nursery Rhymes Slot Machine97.86%
5Everything, According to the Onion97.84%
620 Amazing Ice Sculpture Animals97.74%
7Back to School Supplies97.12%
820 More Things That Start with 'C'97.00%
9Close-up 'R' Images96.77%
10Things That Are Black96.68%
11Miscellaneous Trios IV96.66%
12'M' Pictures by Category95.70%
13Nursery Rhyme Endings95.43%
14More Images that Start with 'D'95.32%
15Black and White95.06%
16More Images that Start with B94.73%
17I Spy…in Threes94.68%
18Cocktail Match94.43%
19Ingredients in a Big Mac94.37%
20The Impossible Quiz93.84%
21Side-View Mirror Words93.42%
22Miscellaneous Trios III93.39%
23Troubling Trifectas93.16%
24Things That Are Grey93.03%
25Dow Jones Companies By Ticker Symbol92.86%