Difficulty: Literature

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
1Do Not Go Gentle...7.40%
2Carnegie Medal Winners9.01%
3'The Road Not Taken'9.53%
4Banned Books9.70%
5Funeral Blues10.86%
7Wizard of Oz Novels12.58%
8Hugo Award Novels12.69%
9Oprah's Books12.74%
10Pulitzer Prize Winners (Fiction)12.77%
11N.Y. Times #1 Fiction Authors12.99%
12Dr. Seuss Books13.68%
13Literary Ships by Crewmember13.76%
14Dean Koontz Novels14.01%
15Shakespeare's Extras14.92%
16Newbery Medal Winners14.93%
17Parenthood's 100 Best Children's Books15.17%
18High School Plays15.34%
19Titles in Common15.92%
20Pen Names16.47%
21Winter of Our Discontent...16.98%
22Harry Potter Magical Beasts17.43%
23Reimagined Literature17.46%
24Baby Names From Shakespeare17.98%
25Blitz: Stephen King Novels18.02%


RankGame% Correct
1Pretty Little Liars: Notes from 'A'95.38%
2Best 'Of' Literature93.46%
3Divergent Faction Symbols92.66%
4In Plain English: Julius Caesar92.42%
5'Divergent' Factions91.41%
6Harry Potter Characters by Limerick91.06%
7Matching Books II90.75%
8A Song of Ice and Fire Books89.97%
93 Books, 1 Common Word89.87%
10Wocket in my ???89.50%
11Fellowship of the Ring89.46%
1220th Century Literature Match89.41%
13Harry Potter and the Mega Profile: Part I89.05%
14Weasley Family88.39%
15Quidditch 88.27%
16Book Blanket: Four-Word Titles87.93%
17Hobbit Dwarves87.84%
18Hogwarts Heads of House87.54%
19Harry Potter Sevens87.28%
20Harry Potter Books87.07%
21Divergent Factions Multi-Column Match86.44%
22Game of Thrones: Direwolves86.26%
23Profile: Joffrey Baratheon85.97%
24Harry Potter Death Match85.94%
25Meals For Hobbits85.85%